BOYLE (Eleanore Vere) Watercolor for Story Without an End, 1868

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BOYLE (Eleanor Vere), 1825-1916:
“Long Did his Thoughts Waiver”.
Watercolor for The Story Without an End (1868). Plate IX, facing page 19.
Measures 6-3/8 x 4-1/2 inches, glazed and framed.
E V Boyle (1825–1916) was a very talented female artist and author of the Victorian period, using her initials “E.V.B.” to sign her work to mask her identity, thinking it debasing to be an illustrator given her social status, not accepting money for her books nor exhibiting her artwork. Aside from being known to be the first to illustrate Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, her other notable books for children were Child’s Play (1852) and A New Child’s Play (1877) in addition to illustrating The Story Without an End by Sarah Austen (1868).