KOREAN WAR Presentation Photograph Album

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(Korean War). Commemorative Album of Photographs on the Second Year Anniversary of the Korean War. 1951. Oblong 4to, [31] leaves with protective tissue; black lacquered boards with metal hinges, inlaid on front cover with commemorative text: “6.25 Korean War (emblem: winged five-point star and anchor) 2nd Year, D.N.D. R.O.K.” flanked by Birds of Paradise executed in mother of pearl, woven silver silk tie.
Containing 77 original photographs documenting the events and players in the war (including President Syngman Rhee, Douglas MacArthur, &c with typed captions, a page of dedication with presentation “To Ambassador De Tervarent … [from] Tao-Yong Shinn, Minister of National Defense Republic of Korea”).
An official album presented to the Belgian Ambassador and Plenipotentiary Minister in Japan, Chevalier Guy de Schoutheete de Tervarent (1891-1969), Belgium being one of the 17 countries which furnished military forces in support of the United Nations Security Council resolution to defend South Korea.
On 25 June 1950, North Korean troops invaded South Korea after escalating border conflicts at the 38th Parallel, and although South Korea was not a member of the United Nations, it received the support of 22 countries, providing military support, medical supplies and other forms of assistance. The UN forces were initially showing success in driving the North Koreans back up to the Yalu River, but China entered the war in late November 1950, pushing the UN forces back into the South. In July of 1951 Armistice negotiations were began with little success, and not until 27 July 1953 that an armistice was signed with North Korea (The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) under Communist rule while the South (Republic of Korea) was allied to the West.